Who is Michael Gerrard and what is this blog?
I've worked in information technology for many years, providing technical support, customer service and training at all levels. I am also enthusiastic about photography. My aim with this blog is to share my experience and knowledge. Whatever I come across that's interesting, such as some new technology, a solution to a nagging problem or I might re-explain something but in a simpler way.

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This blog, all the advice and information is completely free, it's my pleasure to help. But if I've been able to help you and if you'd like to give something back, feel free to buy me a coffee here, thanks! :-)

More about me

For my blog 'Michael's TechBlog', mgxp.blogspot.com, I do not guarantee anything, I am expressing only my opinions, I am not affiliated to any technology companies. My advice might not work for you, if that's the case I'm sorry but please do not be upset at me. I hope everyone finds a solution to their problems, whatever they may be.
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