Sunday, 22 April 2012

Windows Phone - shortcut to turn on/off WiFi, Data, etc

Sometimes when using your mobile you'll want to switch off the WiFi or Data (mobile data network, 3G/Edge). WiFi drains your battery, if you aren't using it, switch it off. Also you may want to turn off the data connection if you have a limited data plan. 

On an Android phone it's easy, there are shortcuts you can add to the screen so it's one click away to turn off WiFi or Data. But what about on Windows Phone 7.5? You have to go into Settings | Mobile Network, for example. That's a pain! It would be good to have a tile on the start screen.

There's a free Windows Phone app called Toggle - download it from the market place. It allows you to add tiles to your start screen to get to WiFi, Data, Bluetooth and Airplane mode just with one touch.

Here's a link:

Toggle is simple and straightforward. However, it's not quite as good as what you get on Android because Toggle just takes you quickly to the screen for changing the setting - it doesn't change the setting itself. That means it's more than one screen touch. There's a feature called Double Bill, I don't think it's much good, it just takes you to the Data screen and then the WiFi screen in turn. I prefer the individual tiles.

Update - May 2012
After some time using Toggle I found a problem with it. The live tiles were not updated sometimes, it would say WiFi is off but it wasn't, for example. This was rather annoying. 

I'm now trying an app called Battery Saver, which also has the ability to pin tiles to the start screen to turn on/off the WiFi and Data. It's going well so far... I'll update this page later with more news.

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