Saturday, 30 June 2012

JVM Error 102

Without doing anything special and without any warning, my Blackberry Bold 9000 showed a white screen (The White Screen of Death!!!) and the message:
JVM Error 102

There's an option to Reset but when you click that it doesn't help, it just resets the phone and you are back to the same place. 

What to do? Of course do a search on the web and see if anyone had a solution! 

There is of course, click this link for a step-by-step solution:

The instructions take you through using JL_Cmder to check the log for the (corrupt) file that is causing the error and then how to delete that file. The first time I followed these steps I still had JVM Error 102 but I followed the steps again (there was a second corrupt file) and it now works!!!
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