Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sizer - change window size to test your website

Sizer icon
If you are creating a web page you may wish to know how it looks on different screen sizes. For example, a web page may look different on a 4:3 ratio 1024x768 screen from how it looks on a 16:9 ratio widescreen 1440x900. This is especially important for usability, to see if your page will scroll or if the whole page will be shown.

Also for testing any software it can be useful to see how a window looks at any resolution. See how your buttons and text boxes resize and stretch. You need to check that your software will look right and work for your users.

Sizer is a very small program that let's you set the size of a window. You can set it to any size and also see what size a window is currently. 

You can download Sizer from here:
It's free and a small download. 

Once installed it appears on your Taskbar (near the clock) - here's an example of how to use it:

Sizer - taskbar
  1. Click to select the window you want to resize
  2. Right click on the Sizer icon on the Taskbar
  3. Select a size 
You can also click the Configure Sizer option to add your own sizes. 

For more detailed information see the Sizer website: 
It's a very easy and simple program. That's the key, it does one job and it does it well. 

Recommended: 9/10

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