Monday, 8 July 2013

Swisscom TV and Internet suddenly stop working

Today I came home from work and switched on Swisscom TV box and the TV - no signal! I tried the internet from my computer, I could connect to my wireless router but I could not 'see' the internet. The following is what I was getting when I tried to browse to any internet website:
"Your router still has no connection to the Internet."

I decided to login to my Router - this means I entered the IP address into my browser, typically it is but yours maybe different.
Enter the username admin
and your password (you should have this from when you first received your Swisscom Router).

The Router Configuration Overview screen (above) showed what I already knew, there was no connection between my Swisscom Router - the red X shows this! If you see this then of course you know the connection between your computer and the Router is fine, otherwise you'd not see this screen at all.

Solution (sometimes)
I checked the cables were all plugged in as usual. This is always an important first step.

Restart your Router. You can do this by switching off/on the Router using the physical switch. Or you can restart it by clicking the Diagnostic tab:

Click the Reboot Router button to restart the Router. This will take a few seconds, there is a count down, just be patient and let it finish. 

If it works then on the Overview tab you'll see:

However, if you don't, if you still see that red X then...

Still not working, try the Swisscom hotline?
After resetting my Router three times and I had waited more than 15 minutes, I phoned the Swisscom hotline 0800 800 800. After sometime pressing numbers to get through to a human being, the technician told me to switch off/on my Router! I explained (again) that I had already done that several times without success. I suggested it must be a problem with internet line from connecting to my home. The Swisscom technician then suggested I reset the configuration of my Router back to factory defaults!!!
I said "no, why, it was working yesterday!"
Then a moment later, the TV came on! I told him, there you go, your line is back up again! The Swisscom technician tried to come up with some explanation, I thanked him and put the phone down. Really he didn't help, I should've been more patient. Obviously Swisscom had a problem with the connection to my Router and that must've just come back on eventually. Maybe they were doing some work on it? We'll never know!

If the problem is just with the TV, switch off/on your TV box. It might just work normally...

If not then check your cables, make sure everything is plugged in.

If you have a similar problem to mine, switch off/on your Swisscom Router. If it still doesn't work, wait a few minutes. I would recommend you have a cup of tea, a biscuit, then maybe it'll just start on its own.

Don't reset or change your Swisscom configuration if it was working before. It makes no sense to do that. If it was working yesterday then why should it not work today? It could be something outside of your control. Of course always double check your cables, switch off/on your Router again to be sure.

This has happened to me a three or four times now. Each time just waiting seems to have been the solution. It's a real pain because we all rely upon the internet and our TV so much these days. But phoning Swisscom doesn't seem to help. They are very quick to suggest drastic and illogical measures. Enjoy your tea and biscuits, be patient!

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