Monday, 26 August 2013

Insert a graphic from Greenshot into Excel, it doesn't appear on other computers

I used Greenshot to capture a screen shot then I inserted it directly into an Excel workbook - everything looks fine. I saved the workbook as xlsx and e-mailed it to a colleague. The colleague opened it only to find the following:
The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed or damaged.

This usually would appear if you just link rather than inserting the image into the workbook. However, I had inserted it from Greenshot - I often use Greendshot to insert screen shots directly into Word without this trouble, what's going on? 

After a little searching on the web I found this:

There is a bug in: Greenshot 1.1.5 Build 2643, this is the current version, at the time of writing, August 2013. Greenshot is not inserting but linking to the image. We have to wait until 1.1.6 build 2741 for the fix. 

Don't directly insert from Greenshot to Excel. Take your screen shot with Greenshot and first save, then insert the saved image file using Insert | Picture.

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