Friday, 15 August 2014

Word - Clear personal details from a document

Every time you edit a Word document your username is recorded inside the file. You can see this information by clicking File | Info (Word 2013 and 2010). This can be very useful, you can see the last modified date of the document and more information. However, sometimes you would prefer to remove this data. If you do, follow these steps to clear this data from your Word document. These steps and screen shots are for Word 2013 but they are also very similar for Word 2010 (and maybe even Word 2007).

NOTE: Before you start, to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you make a backup copy of your Word document.

Click File | Info
Click Check for Issues | Inspect Document

Click Inspect

Next to Document Properties and Personal Information click the Remove All button (as shown above)

Your personal data has been removed from the Word document. Save as usual, you are finished.

Just for your reference, the following shows and example of the File | Info screen BEFORE and AFTER removing the personal information on a document.

You can see that the modified dates and names have been removed.

Word Version?
I used Word 2013. I've seen it's also possible in Word 2010. 

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