Thursday, 3 November 2016

Outlook 2013 - when composing a message clear text formatting

In MS Outlook 2013 often when I am writing an e-mail I copy and paste some text from a different source. Often I end up with text that is formatted differently than my message text. The best thing to do is to clear all the formatting for that text. Previously I'd used the red eraser button on the MESSAGE tab to do this but I have just discovered that there's a handy shortcut - press Ctrl-Space.


Select the text... 

Click the red eraser button or
Press Ctrl-Space

The above is the result, it's your default font and formatting.

NOTE: It will not clear highlighting from text.

Ctrl-Space works with Outlook 2013 and Word 2013. I haven't tried it with other versions of Outlook and Word but it is likely to work with them too. In Excel Ctrl-Space selects a column.

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