Saturday, 16 July 2011

HTC Sense Facebook profile photos do not sync!

I have an HTC Hero with Android 2.1 but I think this affects just about any HTC Sense phone. The Facebook details from my contacts such as birthday and their status synchronised normally. However, the profile photos from Facebook refused to sync! It was very annoying, I tried a million different things until I was reading through the following page:
...and a very helpful bloke called Hardeep Singh suggest something! I tried it and it worked!

Login to Facebook on your PC
Click Account | Account Settings
Next to Account Security click Change
If Secure Browsing (https) is enabled then that's your problem... disable it (turn it off).
Click the Save button
Power off/on your phone
Force it to sync - Menu | Settings | Accounts & Sync | Sync All
Go into your contacts list (People) and you should see the profile photos come in (slowly).

Many thanks to Hardeep Singh!

The only problem with this solution is that you reduce your security while using Facebook. Instead of connecting with HTTPS you are only connecting with HTTP. Well, what is the risk that someone would hack your connection to Facebook? Maybe some Facebook apps would do worse to you? Of course there is a work around, after updating your phone, turn the secure browsing (https) in Facebook back on. Then periodically switch it off and re-sync from your phone. It's a pain though... let's hope that one day HTC will update their Facebook for HTC Sense app.

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