Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ROM Upgrade for the HTC Hero

For ages I was trying to upgrade my HTC Hero to the next ROM version of Android. I ran the RUU:
_HTC Hero_RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver.exe
Each time I ran it I got an ERROR 170 or 171 USB connection error. On the Hero the screen would go white with the boot loader for the RUU and then the Hero would turn off and restart. I'd hear the USB beep as if it was disconnected.

It was driving me mad until I read some forum messages about having the Hero in that boot loader mode (white screen with the three androids at the bottom) before running the RUU. Here's what to do:

Turn off the Hero.
Remove the SD card.
Press the volume down button, keep it pressed, and press the Power button.
Run the RUU installation.

When you've finished, turn off, put the SD card back in. That's it! Good luck!

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