Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wink - the presentation screen capture software

Do you need to record a video of using a software application? Maybe for a presentation, maybe for eLearning, maybe for support to explain how to do something? There are a number of commercial programs that can do this, such as Adobe Captivate. Of course the real problem with those is that they cost money! What about something free that's just as good?

It is free and easy to use. You can record your screen activity, the mouse pointer is recorded and once you finish, all the activity appears in Wink as separate frames of the video. It's a series of screen shots which makes it easy to edit. You can also annotate your video with text bubbles and add audio commentary. The resulting file you create can be either Flash SWF or EXE. The EXE file is great because it's standalone, you can send it by e-mail.

Learn more and download Wink from here:

I've used Wink a lot recently, to make support videos and demonstrate bugs when software testing. The best thing is that Wink is easy to use. It's easy to make a video of some on screen actions very quickly. I recommend it!

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