Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Learn C#

I've started learning C# (pronounced C sharp). It's a modern object orientated programming language. I found a number of good resources:

Download the free Visual C# Express IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software from here:

Learn Visual C#:

'How do I' videos:

For anyone with a Windows Phone, take a look at the Learning Circle app, you can search for it in the Marketplace or click this link:
When you run this app click the Software Development tile and you'll see many videos about C# and other languages.

The above app and all the resources I've listed here are free. It seems like there's a lot of help available to get started with C#. It's great news because normally when you think of Microsoft you think of having to spend money. In this case they are providing a really good opportunity to get familiar with this interesting technology.

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