Thursday, 28 February 2013

NetWare Command Line Tools

Here is something for those who'd like to reminisce about the days of NetWare! Back in 2003 I won a T-Shirt for these two tips on command lines for NetWare. They can still be found on Novell Cool Solutions. Of course no one is using NetWare any more but anyway, here they are for posterity :-)

Managing Trustee Directory Rights From the Command Line
The RIGHTS command (SYS:Public) has a parameter that's not easy to find documented anywhere.
RIGHTS /group=

For example:
RIGHTS SYS:Public ALL /group=power

('power' is the group object name, you can specify the context if you wish)

Adding Trustee Rights From the Command Line
From the DOS prompt type:
RIGHTS /name=

For example:
RIGHTS SYS:PUBLIC R F /name=.TEST.achmecorp

(TEST = container name)

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